TIPS Project

Cultural mediators are a precious resource both for minority ethnic communities and for society as a whole. They are "culturally sensitive and competent services providers" more than just information or linguistic support providers. The cultural mediators are employed in public administrations and private services where first contact services are offered: offices for foreigners, sanitary services, police departments, tribunals, prisons, associations and cooperatives promoting socio-cultural integration projects. The main characterising elements of cultural mediators are communicative competence, empathy, active listening and good knowledge of both the hosting country and country of origin (culture, laws, traditions, etc.).

The cultural mediator eases the relationship between different cultures and encourages behaviour and actions oriented towards socialization and re-socialization. The mediators act not only on problems and problematic individuals but, above all, on situations and their elements of hardship and of normality in order to achieve a new social balance.

The TIPS project, T - learning to Improve Professional Skills for intercultural dialogue, has been co - funded by EC Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. The TIPS project is an innovative project in two ways: it is addressing a brand new profession, cultural mediation; it is proposing a new learning methodology, T-learning methodology merging together TV-leaning, E-learning and M-learning.

The project team during the project has accomplished various activities. A compared research on migration was conducted and national research reports that referred to Migration and Cultural Mediation to each partner's country were prepared. Moreover, there have been distributed many case studies to every partners' country and collected the most significant ones so as to specify the needs of the Cultural Mediators.

All partners have collaboratively designed and developed the modules and syllabus for the TIPS course: "Practising and Enhancing Cultural Mediation in a Pluralistic Europe". Different Learning Objects were produced and tailored for each training tool.

The training course for cultural mediators was based in t-learning methodology and has been realized from March 2009 until August 2009 in order to improve skills and competences needed to work and to act with immigrants.

The TIPS website provides information about the project, the national activities or events regarding the main topics of the TIPS project, the methodology, the brochures etc.